The Service

I am committed to providing quality musicianship and service to all communities by living my mission.

Saxophone Sound Healing

  • My original saxophone sound healing is a unique blend of meditative rhythms, vocal chants, and percussive elements that create an experience which simultaneously lifts you into your Divine self, while grounding you in the possibilities within this body.
  • I have led collaborations with yoga instructors, mindfulness facilitators, physical healers, and spiritual leaders.

Saxophone Sounds Sweet: Educational Workshops

  • I believe in creating an educational pipeline for music, and with nearly 20 years of experience on the saxophone, and a decade of work as a leader of ensembles, educational workshops, a musical showcases, I am more inspired than ever.
    • Creative techniques of instruction include storytelling with music, the use of steady beat to instill rhythm, creating engagement through imagination, and dramatic interpretation.
    • This work is suitable for ages 4-18, with curriculum developed for specific cognitive and social developments of each age group
  • Adam “The Jazz” Tutor
    • I was raised in the jazz tradition, and have played saxophone in over a dozen countries across the globe by being a musician who knows how to listen.  I now perform with ensembles and as a solo musician.
    • This music is intended for late night lounges, social mixers, restaurants, weddings, and wide-spread entertainment for the masses.


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